Second Glass – Rosé-coloured glasses

March 23, 2019
By Shannon Burrows
Welcome to this week’s Second Glass!
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Stop and smell the rosé

It’s time to bring out the rosé-coloured glasses. Whatever you call it – blush, pink stuff, etc. – rosé (pronounced “rose-eh” – very Canuck friendly!) wines are a warm-weather must. Sadly, many folks are missing out on this resplendent spring and summer sipper because it’s a common assumption all pink wine is sweet.
Fear not, for rosé comes in all styles and we’re going to talk about a few of them here.

If you are a fan of dry, sophisticated wines, the En Primeur Winery Series Pinot Noir Rosé (Chile) is for you.
This gorgeous dry rosé has a prominent place on my wine rack each and every summer, thanks to its scrumptious berry and rhubarb flavours, aromas and elegant finish.
This wine pairs perfectly with patios (if sipping on its own), or with light summer fare such as grilled fish – I love this one with salmon! – or chicken.

If you have a love for all things French, the Cru International France Rosé might be just the ticket. This light-bodied wine includes not only those beautiful berry notes, but also that of citrus. Crisp and dry, try this wine with light salads, light pasta, rice and seafood.

If you find dry is too dry and sweet is too sweet, then the Cru International California White Zinfandel may be your warm-weather wine selection.
Fresh and light-bodied, this easy-drinking pink beauty is classic Cali style with berry and floral notes. It sails beautifully down the middle between traditional dry wines and super-sweet fruit wines. Match it up with seafood – lobster, fish – or even some light curries, as the touch of sweetness will complement the spice.

If you are the adventurous type, the brand-spanking new Winexpert Selection Pink Pinot Grigio (Italy) will no doubt catch your eye.
The Pink Pinot just hit shelves at Argyle Wines this month, and is quickly becoming the ‘It’ wine of the moment. It’s made from Pinot Grigio (and who doesn’t love Pinot??), but made in an off-dry (semi-sweet) style, similar to the White Zin mentioned above. We’re in the middle of processing a number of batches at the store, and initially, characteristics of strawberry and, believe it or not, pink lemonade are starting to come through.
It’s got a range of pairing potential, too: spicy food, light salads, seafood, goat’s cheese, chicken and even pork.

If you love a glass of wine bursting with amazing flavour and juiciness, then the Niagara Mist or Orchard Breezin’ fruit wines will make your summer!
Perfect on their own or in a sangria mix (or paired with the pool, patio, cottage, beach, a book, trailer,  campfire, the list goes on…), the fruit wine rosé flavours include: stone fruit, raspberry dragonfruit, strawberry, blueberry pomegranate, wildberry and more. Beware: I’ve seen even the most devout non-wine drinkers crumble under the spell of these sweeties!

Whatever your choice, we are here to answer any questions you may have and are always delighted to be part of your craft winemaking adventure!


Thanks for joining me for a Second Glass.
See you next week!

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