Crafting your wine at Argyle

Whether it’s for home enjoyment or a special occasion, this is craft wine you’ll be proud to share!

Amazing wine in five easy steps!

  1. Choose the wine you would like to make — Argyle Wines carries (or can order) the wines listed here and here.
    If you’re not sure which variety to choose, we are more than happy to assist you in selecting a wine you’re going to love.
  2. Five minutes of your time — come on in, we prepare the ingredients and you sprinkle the yeast.
  3. Make an appointment to bottle your wine — depending on the wine, this could be four to eight weeks later.
  4. Bottle your wine — the option to customize your bottles with fun, personalized labels and colour foil shrink caps is included!
  5. Depending on the wine, let it age, or enjoy immediately.

Shannon and Kora are here to help you every step of the way. Our clients are always pleased by how fun, fast and easy bottling their own wine truly is!
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